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Branding is not merely a mark, a color palette, or a tagline. Branding is layer upon layer of discovery and experience. It begins with understanding who and what you think your brand is, as well as recognizing what your brand isn’t. Go deeper and uncover what you mean to customers – what they feel and think about your brand. We discover your real value in your customer’s eyes. What motivates them to purchase your product or service and become advocates of your brand – we call it the sweet spot.

At Spur, we are brand enthusiasts. Our goal is to unearth our client’s strengths and dig until we know your customers by name, face, and habit. At that point, we’re ready to develop brand touchpoints. These touchpoints have meaning and value to your customers. Show your customers the relevance of your brand, and they’ll likely give you their loyalty.

We help you align your business goals with the needs of your customers.

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Where you are

Customer Analysis
Primary and secondary audience, key influencers, trends, needs, and perceptions.

Competitor Analysis
Market position, brand position, promise, personality strengths, weaknesses.

Current Brand
Current brand position, promise, personality, history strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities, values.

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Where you're going

Brand Promise

Brand Personality

Brand Position
Customers, needs, points of differentiation, reasons to believe.

Value Proposition
Features, functional and emotional benefits.

Brand Architecture
For multiple products or services.

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How you'll get there

Name, tagline, descriptor, domain name, headline & copy style.

Logo-mark, color palette, typeface, imagery.

Letterset Design
Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, pocket folder, labels, note cards, proposal & report covers, etc.

Office Templates Design
Electronic letter, presentation slides, invoice, news release, email template, email signature.

Online Design
Webflow Website, Basic SEO, social media icons, and banners.

Environmental Design
Retail and commercial interior spaces. Signage & way-finding.

Graphic Standards
Brand identity, color, typography, photography, iconography, signage & editorial guidelines.


From automotive to financial to technology and restaurants, Spur team members have worked with a wide range of industries and organizations to apply branding, communication, and design principles to realize their real purpose.

The design office was formed in 2002 by Marcel and Tandi Venter. Passionate master designers with over 30 years of international and national design expertise in brand identity, web development, and environmental graphic design. One of the core strengths of Spur is the team’s ability to translate complex ideas into unique, powerful, and compelling design solutions that will reflect your values and the purpose of your brand.

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